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'Age of the Dueling Phallus' Zine

'Age of the Dueling Phallus' Zine

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Age of the Dueling Phallus - Zine by Casey Raymond

Note: Images have been pixilated for online shop, print version is uncensored!

'2076 is an era of hyper-masculinity. Women have finally been disposed of. Being Feminine or gay is considered deplorable. Being manly is everything. Society is run like medieval courts and like gladiators and knights of old, men take part in 'duels' to earn their status. However, instead of using weapons, they now battle with their penises...'

A satirical sci-fi comic / zine written and illustrated by Casey Raymond
A5, 8 pages, black and white, hand printed.
Contains adult content. Not for kids!

Note: this was originally printed as a 'mini-zine' and is included in 'Casey Raymond's Terrible Zine Collection'

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